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What to Do If You Get into a Car Accident

Car Collision

Even the most meticulously planned journey can be disrupted by the unforeseen event of a collision. The abrupt impact and the risk of injuries can induce significant stress. However, in such situations, maintaining a composed demeanour is important. A clear head allows you to take necessary actions to ensure the well-being of yourself, your passengers and anyone else involved in the accident. 

This quick guide outlines a set of recommended procedures you should follow in the aftermath of a road collision. 

1. Assess Injuries and Secure the Scene

Following an accident, promptly conduct a thorough check for injuries among all occupants of the vehicle involved. If medical attention is required, refrain from moving unless absolutely necessary. Even seemingly minor injuries should be evaluated by a medical professional to rule out any hidden complications.

If possible, and only if it can be done safely, move your car to a location away from the roadway and traffic flow (before this, ensure that step 3 is done). This will help to minimise further congestion and potential risks for yourself and others.

2. Call Relevant Authorities

If there are any injuries, dial emergency medical services immediately. While waiting for the ambulance, request the presence of law enforcement officials to file an official accident report. This report serves as a critical record for insurance claims and potential legal proceedings. Moreover, the presence of police is vital in managing traffic flow at the scene, reducing congestion and ensuring the safety of all parties involved.

3. Gather Evidence

Thoroughly document the accident scene using your phone. Capture clear and detailed photographs of the damage sustained by all vehicles involved, including licence plates. Photograph any skid marks on the roadway and the surrounding environment. If there are bystanders who witnessed the collision, obtain their contact information. Their statements could provide crucial corroborative evidence later on.

4. Take Down All Information

Next, remember to exchange contact and insurance details with all other drivers involved in the accident. This information should include names, contact numbers, driver’s licence numbers, and insurance policy details. Additionally, note the make, model, and colour of each involved vehicle. If law enforcement is present, record the names and badge numbers of the attending officers for future reference.

5. Retrieve SD Card from Dash Cam

If your vehicle is equipped with a dash cam, prioritise retrieving the SD card before moving the car. The footage captured by the dash camera can be invaluable evidence in the aftermath of an accident.

6. Check if the Car Can Still Be Driven

Before attempting to move your vehicle, conduct a thorough inspection. Look for any leaks of fluids, unusual noises, or visible damage that could compromise safe operation. If your car appears to be inoperable or unsafe to drive, arrange for a tow truck to transport it to a qualified repair facility. It is never wise to risk further damage or pose a safety hazard by attempting to drive a compromised vehicle.

If You Are Driving a Short-Term Car Rental

In the event of an accident involving a short-term or weekend car rental, stay calm and follow steps 1-6 accordingly, then:

7. Contact Your Car Rental Company

Immediately notify the car rental company of the incident. Follow the specific instructions provided by the rental company regarding the next steps and possible arrangements for a replacement car.

While a road collision can be a deeply unsettling experience, knowing what to do can make a huge difference. Remember to stay calm and follow these steps, and you’ll be able to handle the situation efficiently and safely.

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Even with the best precautions, accidents can happen. That’s why our team is always ready to support you through any unexpected situations, providing guidance and assistance when you need it most.

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