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The Future of Electric Vehicles in Singapore

The Future of Electric Vehicles in SingaporeSource: Caricos

In a bid to encourage sustainable living and reduce emissions to net-zero, Singapore implemented the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which outlines the country’s key sustainability targets within the next decade. Some key targets include expanding our rail network, increasing solar energy deployment, and encouraging all new car and taxi registrations to be of cleaner-energy models from 2030.

The strong push for the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) will help Singapore achieve its vision of 100% cleaner-energy vehicles by 2040, which is a huge step towards reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Alongside this goal, Singapore also aims to reach the following targets:

  • All HDB car parks to have at least 3 EV charging stations by 2025
  • EV charging points to be installed in over 2000 car parks in Singapore
  • Install a total of 60,000 charging points around Singapore by 2030, of which, 40,000 will be in public car parks and 20,000 in private premises
  • Reduce carbon emissions from land transport by 80% from its peak in 2016 by mid-century

Electric car rental Singapore EV charging points


The Future of Electric Cars in Singapore

To encourage the adoption of cleaner-energy vehicles, the Land Transport Authority introduced a few schemes that drivers can take advantage of when purchasing an electric vehicle.

  1. EV Early Adoption Incentive
  2. Enhanced Vehicular Emissions Scheme
  3. Commercial Vehicles Emissions Scheme
  4. Enhanced Early Turnover Scheme

With these schemes, buyers will enjoy greater savings and benefits when purchasing an EV.

If purchasing an EV isn’t feasible for you due to the significant upfront cost, renting or leasing could serve as a viable alternative, particularly with the growing availability of electric car rental options in Singapore. myCarriage provides a variety of electric vehicles available for both daily rentals and long-term leases, spanning from commercial to passenger EVs.

With an increase in the number of public charging points in Singapore, drivers no longer have to worry about the lack of charging stations during the rental. There are more than 2500 charging points available across the country and information on these stations can be found on the MyTransport.SG mobile application so that you can plan ahead!


Our Top EV Picks

Unfamiliar with electric cars and unsure of which model to rent? Here are our top 3 picks!


1. Tesla Model 3

Electric car rental Singapore Tesla Model 3

Tesla is currently at the forefront of autonomous tech. The Tesla Model 3 is equipped with eight cameras and powerful vision processing, with the ability to slow itself down when approaching red lights and stop signs. Both features, when used properly, enhance safety and convenience while reducing the driver’s overall workload.

These features are particularly useful in Singapore, allowing drivers to navigate Singapore’s busy roads with ease.

In place of the conventional buttons for radio, air conditioning, and other car controls, the centre of Tesla Model 3’s dashboard contains a single large 15-inch touchscreen panel and two scrollable buttons on each side of the steering wheel to allow for easy management of the vehicle’s settings.


2. Kia EV6

Electric car rental Singapore Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is not just a futuristic looking all-electric family car but a multi-award-winning vehicle that is making waves. Its sleek design and advanced features has earned it numerous accolades – including the 2022 Car of the Year and the Best of the Year in the 41st annual MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Awards.

The smooth handling and high driving performance guaranteed with the Kia EV6,  is supported by an electronically-controlled suspension system responsible for enhanced stability. The Kia EV6 boasts multiple driver assistance technologies that provide added safety functions to keep passengers safe. Furthermore, the Auto Emergency Braking Technology with Evasive Steering Assist brakes automatically and steers away from obstruction when it senses a collision. This is coupled with a blind-spot collision avoidance system for greater protection for you and yours.

The EV6 also boasts three different drive modes – normal, eco and sport. The ECO mode in particular, allows the vehicle to change the engagement status of the motor according to the drive to improve electric energy efficiency. This variety provides drivers with a unique experience behind the wheel.

Finally, the Kia EV6 has an exceptional driving range of up to 506 kilometres and can travel for up to a week on a single charge – made possible by its highly advanced battery technology.


3. MIFA 9

Electric car rental Singapore Kia Niro EV

The MIFA 9 Maxus is a groundbreaking addition to the EV market, boasting a combination of cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious design. At its heart lies an advanced electric powertrain and intelligent driving modes—normal, power, and eco—you can choose from for any occasion. But that’s not all. It also features a state-of-the-art regenerative braking technology that harnesses kinetic energy during braking and deceleration to recharge its battery. This system not only enhances energy efficiency to help you travel further on a single charge, but also contributes to zero-emission driving, bringing you from point to point sans the associated carbon footprint.

This fully electric MPV is built with large windows and a dual sunroof for expansive views on the go, a multi-zone climate control system, and cushy leather seats to deliver unparalleled comfort on every drive.

In conclusion, the implementation of the Singapore Green Plan will inevitably see electric vehicles as an integral part of our transportation network in the hopes that individuals move toward cleaner-energy cars. Explore your EV options with myCarriage today!

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